Selfie Sticks Added To The Disneyland Ban

Summer is in full swing and Disneyland traffic will be pretty packed.  As you are packing for your trip to the Happiest Place On Earth, make sure you leave your selfie sticks at home!  New signs notifying guests arriving at the parks “that handheld camera/cell phone extension poles such as selfie sticks are prohibited in the Theme Parks”.  Security will be more thorough as they go through your personal bags and strollers.  I would suggest leaving your sticks in the car/hotel.  If a selfie stick is found in your belongings, they will be confiscated for later pick up or you have the option of going back to the car.  I actually am glad that this ban is in effect.  The last few trips, I have been finding myself getting annoyed with guests taking pictures with these sticks.  I am all for the ban! Plus I wouldn’t want to be knocked in the head from a flying selfie stick!



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