5 Things To Do Before You Go To Disneyland

I have come to realize that the parks can be quite expensive if you don’t have good tips.  I have 5 great tips before you head out to the parks!

1.  Buy your character tees and princess dresses at Disney Store (or another big box store)    I head to Target and Disney Store in the mall to stock up on Disney Wear.  The tees will cost you around $10 at Target or 2/$20 deals at Disney Store.  I try to buy during Disney’s Semi Annual Sale and can get the tees between $3-$8 a pop.  My daughter’s princess dresses have all been purchased from Disney Store and they go on sale as well.

2.  Don’t forget your ears!  Our Mickey/Minnie ears were purchased again at Disney Store for $8.  This saves you about $15-20 from buying in the park.  You can also purchase your hats beforehand.

3.  Get your tickets online and print!  This will save you the trouble of waiting in line at the park to buy your tickets.  Just head over to the turnstiles with your tickets.

4.  Bring your own glowsticks/lights  I buy these at the Dollar Store.  I can get 1 tube and it comes with about 10 sticks.  I light these up once it gets dark and my kids love making the bracelets and necklaces.  We are all set for Disneyland in the evening and the nightly parades!

5.  Buy souvenirs at the beginning of the day  This is a personal preference but I would rather buy the stuffed animal or mug early in the day.  My daughter does not wait patiently until the end of the night for her souvenir.  Most of the time, she has fallen asleep in the stroller as we are walking to the gift shops.  The shops also aren’t as crowded as most visitors hit up the shops before leaving for the day.

Hopefully these tips will help in saving money!  I will add more when I come across anything new!

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